Lactalis KSA is owned and operated by the Lactalis Group. A 3rd generation, French
family owned business, Lactalis Group is the world’s largest fresh dairy company
with over 250 production sites and 80,000 employees across 94 countries.

Lactalis KSA benefits from the multi-national scale and ambition of its parent
company, without sacrificing any of the proud local heritage and traditions that
began with the original Pride blocks business since 1980. At the heart of business
locally, we have 2500 passionate employees, working closely and constructively to
produce the finest dairy goods in the country.
To have Saudi consumers recognize the quality and value of our products, while delivering
nutrition and wellness throughout the Middle East region. To invest in and grow the Saudi
dairy industry, while also promoting SaudiArabia as a high quality producer for the Asian
region. To be socially responsible, active and involved in the communities we service.

Our Employee Value
We are a growing company that takes great pride in who we are. We are humble, proud and resilient. Our brands, people and know how define who we are. We provide a safe workplace that delivers the opportunity to drive your development, and believe that true success comes from us. Collaboration, flexibility and diversity are pillars of our environment. With knowledge and experience we encourage you to make a difference!